Druid PVP [MoP] Script Pack

Druid PVP [MoP] Script Pack

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This script pack contains the following rotation scripts for P.V.P. scenario:


- Druid Restoration PVP Script

- Druid Feral PVP Script

- Druid Moonkin (Balance) PVP Script


Script features:


- Perfect rotation to dominate your enemies.

- Easy to use.

- 99% spells/combos automated.


- Automated -

· Snare
· CC & CC Avoidance
· Interrupts
· Fake Cast
· Blanket Silences
· Executes Nearly Low Enemies
· DOT Spreading
· Totem Destroyer
· Self Healing
· Team Support
· Flag Capture & Return (For BG)


And many other features that will allow you to dominate your PVP Scenario.


AFTER PURCHASE -> please read the "READ ME.txt" file that is inside the folder that you will receive so you can know how to install everything to make it work perfectly.


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