Warrior WotLK PvP Scripts

Warrior WotLK PvP Scripts

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Warrior PvP (Player vs Player) scripts, Wrath of the Lich King.

Works for all 3 warrior's specs.


In this script package you have two different scripts.


Script Features:

1. mrscripterx -> Auto Disarm, Auto Rogue Spot, Anti Rogue Vanish, Buff Assistant, Auto Berserker Rage, Scatter Reflect, Scatter Intervene, Auto Overpower, Auto Reflect, Tremor Mouseover Destroy, Auto Interrupt, Anti-Succubus, Auto Kick (with human logic to be undetectable).
2. mrscripterxRotation -> Almost same script but with full automatic damage rotation.


AFTER PURCHASE -> please read the "READ ME.txt" file that is inside the folder that you will receive so you can know how to install everything to make it work perfectly.


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